Adobe CS4 Trials available


Short and nice: the CS4 trials are finally available for download. Go get one to get an impression of the new creative suite!

Article postedPosted in @ 11/12/08

Adobe: CS4 Broadcast and new features


Don’t forget to watch the special CS4 web broadcast which starts today (September, 23rd) at 11am.
Also check out John Nack's CS4 feature blog post where he names some more details of the upcoming Photoshop CS4. There are some nice features, especially that Layer masks will finally stay linked to Smart Objects.

Article postedPosted in @ 09/23/08

Photoshop CS4 Keynote: New features


As you may have noticed the CS4 special web broadcast, which will introduce the upcoming version 4 of the Creative Suite, there has also been released a keynote of Photoshop CS4 (“CS NEXT”) on the Photoshop World 2008 in Orlando. Terry White provides the download (MP4-video) of the keynote on his blog. You should definitely check this keynote out because John Nack and Johnny L from Adobe show up some of the upcoming features of the new Photoshop. It’s just impressive what Photoshop will be able to do. Some feautres:
realtime 3D-painting abilities
64-Bit/GPU-powered image transformations
Spherical remapping of stitched panorama photos
the ability to rotate the canvas
Seam Carving (shrink/enlarge an image disproportionally without stretching it)
a new zoom tool
Hydra Filters (you can write your own or download free filters)
Adobe AIR application that allows you to create your own floating windows with custom buttons/functions

If you watch the video, you’ll be bedazzled of the new Photoshop. It works very fast and looks quite awesome. I can’t hardly wait to upgrade.

Article postedPosted in @ 09/11/08

Google and Yahoo are going to index Flash content


As it can be read on Silicon Alley Insider, Adobe will team up with Google and Yahoo to make it easier for their search engines to index content in Flash applications. The search engines will be able to find information in Flash files that are currently undiscoverable.
So this are fantastic news for Flashers and programmers who built up rich internet applications and dynamic websites with Flash content. It’s an important step from Adobe because Flash websites are getting more important. I’m very anxious to upcoming topics like Flash SEO and advanced XML crawling. This may also boost Flash’s importance to the web developers because JavaScript frameworks have gained a high significance which could also result from the fact that Flash content can’t be crawled from search engines.

Article postedPosted in @ 07/01/08

Adobe releases SwitchBoard


John Nack has some interesting news for us: Adobe has just released SwitchBoard — a technology for driving the Creative Suite applications using Adobe AIR applications.

SwitchBoard is a Flex library that allows you to extend an AIR app by giving you access to the ExtendScript DOMs for the Creative Suite apps. Your AIR app can now easily establish two-way communication with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Bridge.

So SwitchBoard allows Adobe AIR developers to create applications that can send and receive scripts to and from Creative Suite applications. A SwitchBoard-application consists of JavaScript, an AIR application and the SwitchBoard-library. The SwitchBoard runtime and the SwitchBoard SDK are freely available on Adobe Labs.
With SwitchBoard, Adobe brings up an innovative solution for connecting Creative Suite applications with third partiy products.

Article postedPosted in @ 06/17/08

Photoshop CS4 UI changes


As John Nack has told us in his blog, the Photoshop-UI is going to have a facelift — the design of the upcoming CS4-applications will feature a prominent “application frame”: a window containing both interface elements and documents. Take a look at John’s screenshot to get a feeling of the new UI-concept. This goes mainly to Windows-users because the applications will have their “own” window-style that includes interface elements like it works on a Mac.
So you will be able to have multiple document layouts to adjust your workflow. You may move the entire application including its contents from one monitor to another easily.
John also mentioned in his article that there will follow some other nice features like tabbed windows and a split-screen-view.
I think Adobe is going to introduce great improvements to their upcoming Creative Suite applications because the user will have much more possibilities to adjust his workflow. The personal likings of the users get more important and so the whole applications become more fluid and customizable. Photoshop CS4

Article postedPosted in @ 06/09/08

Dreamweaver CS4 Beta


Adobe is currently providing the first beta of Dreamweaver CS4 which can be downloaded on Adobe Labs. The new version brings up some nice features like live view (using the Webkit engine), an improved code navigator, CSS best practices, code hinting for Ajax and JavaScript frameworks (jQuery, Prototype, Spry), HTML data sets, related files, Photoshop Smart Objects, subversion integration, Adobe AIR support and a fresh new interface. These features sound quite awesome and very interesting, especially the subversion integration and the Photoshop Smart Objects (you will be able to drag and drop a PSD-file into a page in order to create a Smart Object). The subversion system allows you to define a subversion as your version control system – you can update your site to get the latest versions of its pages directly from within Dreamweaver. The code hinting for current JavaScript frameworks is also helpful and makes Dreamweaver more modern.
In order to install the beta of Dreamweaver CS4 permanently, you’ll need to enter the serial number of your Dreamweaver CS3 (which can be the stand-alone version or part of a Creative Suite 3). So, owners of Dreamweaver CS3 are able to use the beta until CS4 is released. Users, who don’t own Dreamweaver CS3 are also able to download the beta but they are allowed to use the beta for two days only. After the two days have expired, you’ll need to enter your Dreamweaver CS3 serial number.
There are also CS4 beta versions of Fireworks and Soundbooth available. The upcoming Fireworks will feature CSS and images export which allows you to export web standards–compliant, CSS-based layouts, complete with external style sheets in one step. This sounds very interesting and of course I will try Fireworks as well because it’s an awesome tool to create webpage-layouts.

Article postedPosted in @ 05/27/08

Adobe plans Flash-extensions for Photoshop


Adobe’s Photoshop Senior Product Manager, John Nack, has published an article in his blog where he tells that Adobe is going make the Creative Suite more flexible and connected. This is one of the greatest news I’m waiting for so long. So, Adobe is planning to let users create SWF-extensions for Photoshop (an other Creative Suite applications) which can be used as palettes. This means that users will be able to extend their favorite Adobe application with Flash-widgets. The applications will get more expandable so that you may configure the software to your current needs and workflows.
I’m wanting this configurability so hard because currently you’re only able to run your own Flash-addon in a scripting dialog – you can’t use the addon as an additional palette window.
With this improvement, Adobe would unleash the flexibility of their applications extremely. I can’t hardly wait for the upcoming Creative Suite.

Article postedPosted in @ 05/21/08

Adobe releases beta of Flash Player 10


Adobe has just released the first beta of the Flash Player 10 which is still in development. The beta can be downloaded from the Adobe Labs – it works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems. Version 10 of the Flash Player brings up some new features like an improved layout-engine, the use of 3D-effects and hardware-acceleration. The new version also features an interface for effects and filters created with Adobe Pixel Bender. So, Adobe is going to include some really interesting features in the upcoming Flash Player.

Article postedPosted in @ 05/15/08

Adobe leads Open Screen Project


Adobe has started the Open Screen Project which empowers users to create their own Flash-players – the Flash-technology is now completely open to everyone. So, Adobe has removed all restrictions on use of the SWF/FLV/F4V-specificatios. The layer APIs for the Adobe Flash Player are available for everyone and the licensing fees have also been removed. This step is a great enrichment for developers and users – soon there will follow fresh and specific Flash-players and new technologies. One more time Adobe shows that they’re just the most important and coolest software-company out there.

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