Adobe plans Flash-extensions for Photoshop


Adobe’s Photoshop Senior Product Manager, John Nack, has published an article in his blog where he tells that Adobe is going make the Creative Suite more flexible and connected. This is one of the greatest news I’m waiting for so long. So, Adobe is planning to let users create SWF-extensions for Photoshop (an other Creative Suite applications) which can be used as palettes. This means that users will be able to extend their favorite Adobe application with Flash-widgets. The applications will get more expandable so that you may configure the software to your current needs and workflows.
I’m wanting this configurability so hard because currently you’re only able to run your own Flash-addon in a scripting dialog – you can’t use the addon as an additional palette window.
With this improvement, Adobe would unleash the flexibility of their applications extremely. I can’t hardly wait for the upcoming Creative Suite.

Article postedPosted in @ 05/21/08