Dreamweaver CS4 Beta


Adobe is currently providing the first beta of Dreamweaver CS4 which can be downloaded on Adobe Labs. The new version brings up some nice features like live view (using the Webkit engine), an improved code navigator, CSS best practices, code hinting for Ajax and JavaScript frameworks (jQuery, Prototype, Spry), HTML data sets, related files, Photoshop Smart Objects, subversion integration, Adobe AIR support and a fresh new interface. These features sound quite awesome and very interesting, especially the subversion integration and the Photoshop Smart Objects (you will be able to drag and drop a PSD-file into a page in order to create a Smart Object). The subversion system allows you to define a subversion as your version control system – you can update your site to get the latest versions of its pages directly from within Dreamweaver. The code hinting for current JavaScript frameworks is also helpful and makes Dreamweaver more modern.
In order to install the beta of Dreamweaver CS4 permanently, you’ll need to enter the serial number of your Dreamweaver CS3 (which can be the stand-alone version or part of a Creative Suite 3). So, owners of Dreamweaver CS3 are able to use the beta until CS4 is released. Users, who don’t own Dreamweaver CS3 are also able to download the beta but they are allowed to use the beta for two days only. After the two days have expired, you’ll need to enter your Dreamweaver CS3 serial number.
There are also CS4 beta versions of Fireworks and Soundbooth available. The upcoming Fireworks will feature CSS and images export which allows you to export web standards–compliant, CSS-based layouts, complete with external style sheets in one step. This sounds very interesting and of course I will try Fireworks as well because it’s an awesome tool to create webpage-layouts.

Article postedPosted in @ 05/27/08