Photoshop CS4 Keynote: New features


As you may have noticed the CS4 special web broadcast, which will introduce the upcoming version 4 of the Creative Suite, there has also been released a keynote of Photoshop CS4 (“CS NEXT”) on the Photoshop World 2008 in Orlando. Terry White provides the download (MP4-video) of the keynote on his blog. You should definitely check this keynote out because John Nack and Johnny L from Adobe show up some of the upcoming features of the new Photoshop. It’s just impressive what Photoshop will be able to do. Some feautres:
realtime 3D-painting abilities
64-Bit/GPU-powered image transformations
Spherical remapping of stitched panorama photos
the ability to rotate the canvas
Seam Carving (shrink/enlarge an image disproportionally without stretching it)
a new zoom tool
Hydra Filters (you can write your own or download free filters)
Adobe AIR application that allows you to create your own floating windows with custom buttons/functions

If you watch the video, you’ll be bedazzled of the new Photoshop. It works very fast and looks quite awesome. I can’t hardly wait to upgrade.

Article postedPosted in @ 09/11/08