Adobe TV


You should check out the brand-new Adobe TV, a service of Adobe which contains professional tutorials for Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver and so on.
The site is divided into different areas like design, photography, development and video where the relative videos can be watched online. The videos provided on this site are very helpful for beginners and even professionals.
Adobe TV

Article postedPosted in @ 04/15/08

Photoshop Express Beta


Adobe has provided a public beta of the upcoming online image-editing platform “Photoshop Express”. It can be tested for free on the official website:

Photoshop Express offers standard image-editing operations like transform, rotate, sharpen, white balance and effects like hue, tint, sketch and even a distort-effect. The operations can be applied through presets or a slider which goes very nice. The whole system works well and is a nice tool for quick-editing images on the fly.

Article postedPosted in @ 03/28/08

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