Firefox extension: Aardvark


There’s a fresh Firefox extension out called Aardvark. This small tool is made for web development and CSS analysis. It can be seen as an addition to Firebug because it gives you some more features like colorizing blocks, removing elements live on a page, isolating elements from a page, viewing the source of a selected element and many more commands. Just take a look at it.

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Firefox: Textarea Copy&Paste-Bug


In Firefox (Version 2 and 3), you may have come across a bug (it may be caused by an extension) when you’re writing/editing text in textareas (e.g. in forums, comment fields, CMS-backend-areas and so on): sometimes the copy/paste-operations won’t work (neither with keyboard-shortcuts nor via the context menu). You can select text in a textarea but you can’t copy or paste it (e.g. into the clipboard). Additionally, the arrow-keys and some other keys are also bugged so that they won’t work anymore. This is a very annoying effect because you’ll have to restart Firefox to make it work again!
I’ve figured out that there’s a better (still provisorily) solution for this small problem: When the bug appears, just open Notepad (the standard text editor under Windows 95/98/2000/
XP/Vista) and close it. After doing that, the copy/paste-operations will work again if you switch back to Firefox! If you’re using a nice shortcut-tool like Clavier+, it’s a very quick task opening/closing Notepad.

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New web browser: Google Chrome


Google has just launched the beta version of their own web browser called Google Chrome. The beta can be downloaded here. Google had published a comic which showed the thoughts and work of their new browser.
Google Chrome uses the powerful JavaScript engine V8 and Webkit as HTML rendering engine. The browser keeps each tab in a separate “sandbox” which provides an improved protection from bad sites. The browser has many interesting features so you should just check it out.
Beside the fact that the most influential web company has just developed another killer product, web developers may look at this with divided opinions. Another browser has been thrown in the pot and it may become a serious alternative to Firefox. The browser war will get harder and the browser developers will fight for their cause to increase their market share. Web developers will have to spend more time in browser optimization and so, the new browser means more work.
Nevertheless, I’m very curious how the browser development will go on and which browser will be the browser in a few years. Internet Explorer 8 is also in development and the beta 2 has just been released.

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Firefox 3.0.1 is out


Mozilla has now released Firefox 3.0.1. There are several security fixes and stability fixes which you can check out in the release notes. I’m using version 3 since the beta release and Firefox 3 has just some awesome features. Recently, there was an update for Firefox 2 (version which can also be downloaded on the Mozilla website. So Firefox 2 is still being updated.
For those who don’t want to uninstall Firefox 2: you could also install Firefox 3 parallely and use your Firefox 2 profiles (the default profile is used automatically. But you could also use two separate profiles for Firefox 2 and 3. Just take a look at my article in order to do this.

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Firefox 3: Creating a shortcut to 'Unsorted Bookmarks'

The newest version of Firefox has lots of fresh new features. One of them is the bookmark star which is placed at the very right side of the location bar. You can use this star in order to bookmark a website very quickly (useful when browsing and planning to visit websites later) — after clicking the star, the website is stored in the new ‘Unsorted Bookmarks’-folder. Firefox Bookmark Star So this folder was introduced with Firefox 3 and is defined as a system folder. This is a small disadvantage because the folder is set as default folder for bookmarks that were bookmarked via the new bookmark star (you can set a different folder in the ‘star-dialogue’ but the setting won’t be saved). Furthermore the folder can’t be placed in the Bookmarks Toolbar and is only accessible by clicking ‘Organize Bookmarks...’ in the ‘Tools’-menu (or pressing ‘CTRL-B’ to show the bookmarks in the sidebar) — if you drag the folder onto your Bookmarks Toolbar, Firefox will create only a copy instead of a shortcut so your ‘star’-bookmarks will be still stored in the ‘Unsorted Bookmarks’-folder. So me and a friend discussed the possibility of creating a shortcut to the folder that contains bookmarks that were bookmarked via the bookmark star. There’s a very simple way to do this and the method also allows you to add the new folder to the Bookmarks Toolbar.


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Using multiple Firefox profiles simultaneously


Some of you may already make use of it but I think it’s useful to know about it. As a web developer it could be speed up your workflow if you have two instances/profiles of Firefox — especially if you’re working with two monitors and want to preserve the window sizes/positions of Firefox. Personally, I’m using two Firefox-profiles: one for browsing (with some basic extensions) and another profile for development (used together with developer-extensions like Firebug, NoScript and MeasureIt).
The creation of Firefox-profiles is quite easy.
Windows-XP: ‘Start-button’ -> ‘Run’ and type
firefox -p

Mac OS X: Open the ‘Terminal’ and type
cd /Applications/
firefox-bin -ProfileManager
This will bring up the Firefox Profile Manager where you can create, rename and delete profiles for Firefox.


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Firefox Extensions Pick: June


There are many nice extensions for Firefox so here are my personal picks for June. The list doesn’t show the newest extensions but some of the most useful and innovative ones. As I’ve published a list of developer extensions for Firefox, the following extensions are surfer extensions that may ease your web-browsing.


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Firefox 3 available for download


Today, the final version of Firefox 3 has been released and is available for download. Version 3 of the famous browser comes with an improved interface, a stronger phishing protection, “Smart bookmarks”, an improved download manager, the “Smart Location Bar” and an improved performance. As most of you may have tested the beta releases of Firefox 3, you’ll already have noticed the faster loading of Firefox — with over 15.000 improvements, the new Firefox reaches an awesome performance and is the fastest browser among the other major browsers.
Firefox 3 has some new smart features which make the browser intelligent — the “Smart Location Bar” helps you to find your recently discovered or frequently visited sites quickly. The whole interface is very intuitive and the standard skin looks native on every system.
So go get your Firefox 3 today to break the new Guiness World Record for the most downloaded software!

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Developer Tools for Browsers


Testing and debugging are important tasks when developing a website. So there are many browser tools which help you to fix and improve your XHTML/CSS/JS-code. The tools are available as plugins or extensions for popular web-browsers so you just have to install those tools additionally.
Of course, most of the web-development tools are available for Firefox because there’s a great community. But there are also some other helpful tools you may use in order to develop your next web-project.


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Opera 9.5 available


Version 9.5 of Opera is available for download right now. This version comes with an improved rendering engine, skin-support, extended security-features and many more improvements like built in mouse gestures and a well done zoom-function.
Opera 9.5 supports all 43 selectors of CSS3 and has a better SVG-support so Opera has everything, a modern website needs. Additionally, Opera 9.5 features a web development toolset called “Dragonfly” that allows you to debug and improve your HTML/CSS/JS-code while viewing your website. The browser works fast and reliable so the newest Opera is a well done release. Opera

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