New web browser: Google Chrome


Google has just launched the beta version of their own web browser called Google Chrome. The beta can be downloaded here. Google had published a comic which showed the thoughts and work of their new browser.
Google Chrome uses the powerful JavaScript engine V8 and Webkit as HTML rendering engine. The browser keeps each tab in a separate “sandbox” which provides an improved protection from bad sites. The browser has many interesting features so you should just check it out.
Beside the fact that the most influential web company has just developed another killer product, web developers may look at this with divided opinions. Another browser has been thrown in the pot and it may become a serious alternative to Firefox. The browser war will get harder and the browser developers will fight for their cause to increase their market share. Web developers will have to spend more time in browser optimization and so, the new browser means more work.
Nevertheless, I’m very curious how the browser development will go on and which browser will be the browser in a few years. Internet Explorer 8 is also in development and the beta 2 has just been released.

Article postedPosted in @ 09/02/08