Firefox Extensions Pick: June


There are many nice extensions for Firefox so here are my personal picks for June. The list doesn’t show the newest extensions but some of the most useful and innovative ones. As I’ve published a list of developer extensions for Firefox, the following extensions are surfer extensions that may ease your web-browsing.

Grab and Drag

This extension makes scrolling webpages a great fun — it enables Adobe Acrobat-style grab and drag scrolling so that you don't have to use the scrollbars anymore. With Grab and Drag, you can perfectly move the content of websites around by clicking and dragging the mousebutton of your choice (left/right/middle/SHIFT+mousebutton). You won't even need your scroll-wheel because Grab and Drag can handle the scrolling very quickly. You should try this extension in any case.


With FaviconizeTab you can minimize a tab to the size of its favorite icon (fav icon). So you will have more space for other tabs and you won't close a tab accidentally because the “close”-button is also hidden when a tab is minimized.


Have you ever wanted saving an entire website with its full height as an image? That's no problem with Screengrab — this nice extension allows to save what you can see in the window, the entire page, just a selection or a particular frame. The extension has the ability to save websites as lossless PNG-files (or JPG) and the saved image-files can be named with a timestamp (automatically) so you will always have unique filenames.

Resizeable Textarea

When writing/posting/editing texts in forums, blogs or comment-forms you may want to have a bigger textarea in order to have more space for your words. This is what “Resizeable Textarea” does — when you hover your cursor over an edge/corner of a textarea, you'll be able to resize it as you wish.

PDF Download

You may have come across the pain when clicking a PDf-file — mostly, you'll have to wait until the PDF-file has been loaded (even if you just wanted to download the desired PDF-file). There's also a nice solution for this problem called “PDF Download”. This extension lets you know before trying to open a PDF-file and then offers you choices such as downloading, opening, or converting it straight to HTML.

Article postedPosted in @ 06/19/08