Firefox 3 available for download


Today, the final version of Firefox 3 has been released and is available for download. Version 3 of the famous browser comes with an improved interface, a stronger phishing protection, “Smart bookmarks”, an improved download manager, the “Smart Location Bar” and an improved performance. As most of you may have tested the beta releases of Firefox 3, you’ll already have noticed the faster loading of Firefox — with over 15.000 improvements, the new Firefox reaches an awesome performance and is the fastest browser among the other major browsers.
Firefox 3 has some new smart features which make the browser intelligent — the “Smart Location Bar” helps you to find your recently discovered or frequently visited sites quickly. The whole interface is very intuitive and the standard skin looks native on every system.
So go get your Firefox 3 today to break the new Guiness World Record for the most downloaded software!

Article postedPosted in @ 06/17/08


  1. Mark
    — Jun 18, 05:36 AM: #1

    Can you show me a link with tests that show that Firefox 3 is faster than Opera 9.5. All of my tests show Opera on top by a long shot.

  2. Matthias
    — Jun 18, 08:17 AM: #2

    Hmm I’ve recently saw a graphic on Lifehacker which showed a comparison of the actual web browsers. There you could see that Firefox 3 was faster than Opera 9.5b – I’m not sure if the performance of the final Opera 9.5 has changed?
    Here’s the link to Lifehacker (scroll down to the first point to see the graphic).

  3. Mark
    — Jun 27, 04:36 PM: #3

    Cool, when I first commented I found reports where Oprea beat it by quite a bit; however, now when I do a search all I hear about is Firefox this Firefox that.

    This page:

    Shows Opera beating firefox 3 but this was still in the beta.

    I guess I am just an Opera fan boy. :)

  4. Matthias
    — Jun 27, 07:33 PM: #4

    Yeah maybe Firefox is a bit faster than Opera but the difference is minimal. I was using Opera 7 for many years and it’s still a great browser! Version 9 has awesome improvements and I think in a far future, Opera’s market share will grow (especially because it features the great DragonFly development toolkit).