Firefox 3: Creating a shortcut to 'Unsorted Bookmarks'

The newest version of Firefox has lots of fresh new features. One of them is the bookmark star which is placed at the very right side of the location bar. You can use this star in order to bookmark a website very quickly (useful when browsing and planning to visit websites later) — after clicking the star, the website is stored in the new ‘Unsorted Bookmarks’-folder. Firefox Bookmark Star So this folder was introduced with Firefox 3 and is defined as a system folder. This is a small disadvantage because the folder is set as default folder for bookmarks that were bookmarked via the new bookmark star (you can set a different folder in the ‘star-dialogue’ but the setting won’t be saved). Furthermore the folder can’t be placed in the Bookmarks Toolbar and is only accessible by clicking ‘Organize Bookmarks...’ in the ‘Tools’-menu (or pressing ‘CTRL-B’ to show the bookmarks in the sidebar) — if you drag the folder onto your Bookmarks Toolbar, Firefox will create only a copy instead of a shortcut so your ‘star’-bookmarks will be still stored in the ‘Unsorted Bookmarks’-folder. So me and a friend discussed the possibility of creating a shortcut to the folder that contains bookmarks that were bookmarked via the bookmark star. There’s a very simple way to do this and the method also allows you to add the new folder to the Bookmarks Toolbar.
This is how it works:
Create a new bookmark (in the Bookmarks Toolbar if you want) and enter the following line as location
This looks like this in Firefox:
Firefox Bookmark Star
That’s it — with this code we create a shortcut to the ‘Unsorted Bookmarks’-folder (instead of copy) and this folder can be placed in the Bookmarks Toolbar. Additionally, you could change the icon of the new ‘Star Bookmark’-folder (I called it ‘Pipeline’) by editing the ‘userChrome.css’ that is located in your ‘Documents and Settings’-folder. The full path to your ‘userChrome.css’ could be like this:
file://C:/Documents and Settings/<username>/Application Data/Mozilla/
Create/download/extract an icon (16×16px) and copy it into this folder — the icon has to be a PNG-file (transparent would be good). You can have look the Icon Editors listed in my tools-section. Edit the ‘userChrome.css’ afterwards and add the following lines at the end of the CSS-file:
.bookmark-item[container="true"][label="Pipeline"] {
list-style-image: url('
filename.png') !important;
-moz-image-region: rect(0px 16px 16px 0px) !important;
Just change the ‘label’ and ‘list-style-image’ as you want. Save/close the CSS-file and restart Firefox. Finally you may end up with something like this: Firefox Bookmark Star
That’s all. Now you have a nice button in your Bookmarks Toolbar that gives you quick access to your ‘star’-bookmarks (or ‘visit later’-websites).

You could also use the defaul 'Unsorted Bookmarks'-icon which is very nice. The icon can be addressed using a ‘chrome://’-path so your CSS-code would be:
.bookmark-item[container="true"][label="Pipeline"] {
list-style-image: url('
chrome://browser/skin/places/unsortedBookmarks.png') !important;
-moz-image-region: rect(0px 16px 16px 0px) !important;
With this code you're using this icon:
Firefox Bookmark Star
Thanks to the user on the comments for this nice tip.

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  1. Probably me
    — Jul 3, 07:49 PM: #1

    The url can be:

    Which is Firefox’s default image for the Unsorted Bookmarks folder.
    If that doesn’t work, see my full forum post

  2. Matthias
    — Jul 3, 10:36 PM: #2

    Big thanks for that awesome tip!
    I’ve searched for ‘Unsorted Bookmarks’-icon but I couldn’t find it. That’s very nice – so you don’t even need to create an icon because the default icon is quite nice.
    Thanks again for that tip.

  3. Darren
    — Jul 11, 07:06 PM: #3

    This is a great tip, thanks! I’ve always had a folder for unsorted “check later” type bookmarks and it was only just now I realized that the new unsorted bookmark fulfilled this need.

  4. lifve
    — Jul 21, 06:50 PM: #4