Firefox: Textarea Copy&Paste-Bug


In Firefox (Version 2 and 3), you may have come across a bug (it may be caused by an extension) when you’re writing/editing text in textareas (e.g. in forums, comment fields, CMS-backend-areas and so on): sometimes the copy/paste-operations won’t work (neither with keyboard-shortcuts nor via the context menu). You can select text in a textarea but you can’t copy or paste it (e.g. into the clipboard). Additionally, the arrow-keys and some other keys are also bugged so that they won’t work anymore. This is a very annoying effect because you’ll have to restart Firefox to make it work again!
I’ve figured out that there’s a better (still provisorily) solution for this small problem: When the bug appears, just open Notepad (the standard text editor under Windows 95/98/2000/
XP/Vista) and close it. After doing that, the copy/paste-operations will work again if you switch back to Firefox! If you’re using a nice shortcut-tool like Clavier+, it’s a very quick task opening/closing Notepad.

Article postedPosted in @ 09/09/08