Online pixel font creation


It’s nothing new but I found that this may be something useful for you. The software and web designers from Pentacom (Eiji Nishidai / Yuko Washizu) have developed a very easy but impressive pixel font tool called BitFontMaker . The web application can be run in three versions (Canvas, Director and XBM) and reminds of an icon editor: there’s a grid where you can easily paint/erase black squares which complete a character. There’s also the feature of a glyphs map where you can create every needed character for your font. Characters can be copied/pasted so that you have some basis for the other characters. You can view your font with a specified sample text (“Text Drive”) and check how it looks finally. The editor is very easy to use and it has everything you need (because it’s made for simple pixel fonts). Finally, you can save your created font as TTF-file to your local harddrive where you can use it in your graphics software. This is just an awesome feature which works very well! There’s also a great communities which has created tons of stunning pixel fonts which can be viewed and downloaded in the
BitFont Museum. The fonts which are available there are high quality so you should definitely check this site out. fontstuct

Article postedPosted in @ 09/10/08