New idea: random previous articles


I’ve integrated a new element on my blog: the random article-box which is displayed below the first article on the front page. I thought it could be useful for visitors who didn’t read all articles but may have missed a specific article. So the ‘random’-box could contain an interesting article you may have found useful if you had visited my blog on that day. I think the ‘doubled randomness’ (the random article in my random-box and the ‘potential random article in the visitors’ mind’) could lead to a lucky visitor because he’s glad that he doesn’t need to browse through all my previous articles if he’s looking for something interesting. As the article count grows from day to day I found this a useful function. The displayed random articles are only extracted from tutorial/help sections as CSS, Photoshop, Flash and Tools because those articles are kind of ageless. So there will always be an article containing tricks and resources.

Article postedPosted in @ 07/03/08

New RSS-Icon


I’ve designed a new RSS-icon for this blog which I wanted to be three dimensional. And this is the result. I’ve thrown up some vectors in Adobe Illustrator CS3 and used the “3D Extrude and Bevel”-effect for the three dimensional transformation.
Maybe you’re interested in playing around with my RSS-icon, so feel free to download and use it.
RSS Icon
Download Adobe Illustrator CS3-file [.zip]
Download PNG [.png]

Article postedPosted in @ 06/27/08

Tutorial: Space Background


In my newest tutorial, I’m showing how to create a space background with stars and a nebula. You just have to use some simple tricks to get lots of stars on your screen. There are some other possibilities but I’ll cover the basic one. You’ll see that it’s a great fun to create space backgrounds. Space Background 

Article postedPosted in @ 06/26/08

New tutorial: Seamless Metal Texture


In my last project, I had to create a metal texture which was used as a website-background. So I’ve written a fresh tutorial for you which covers the creation of a seamless metal texture in Photoshop. The metal-pattern I’ve created had to look like the Mac OS X Tiger window-texture. The texture can be created with basic tools in Photoshop so it’s very easy to do this tutorial.  Seamless Metal Texture

Article postedPosted in @ 06/21/08

Blog-Design updated / Firefox 3 issue


I’ve updated the design of my blog with some CSS-tweaks and a background-image. The Photoshop-work took one week until I was satisfied. Finally, I ended up with lots of details and a red gradient in the background.
In order to achieve a nice effect, I planned to set the CSS-background-attachment to “fixed” so that the background-image would lie “behind”. I’ve tested the page in many browsers (Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 6/7, Opera, Safari) and everything worked fine. But when I viewed the website in Firefox 3 (RC3) I discoverded that the page scrolled extremely slow. I sized the browser-window down and the scrolling-behavior was alright (not perfect but acceptable). After setting the CSS-background-attachment to “scroll”, the scrolling was normal again. So it seems that Firefox 3 lacks performance when a background-image is fixed and the browser-window is maximized.
I crawled the web and finally I found the discussion on mozillaZine. The bug was discovered on other websites and it may be fixed in Firefox 3.0.1.
Until the bug gets fixed, I’ll wait with “background-attachment:scroll”.

Article postedPosted in @ 06/14/08

Video-tutorial: quick abstracts


I’ve just finished a small tutorial-series for you which shows how to create abstracts quickly. Only some basic tools of Photoshop were used so you should be able to do the things with ease. I’m still working hard on new tutorials and goodies for you so stay tuned.
Photoshop abstract video tutorial

Article postedPosted in @ 04/24/08



Finally, the big xshock-update has been finished. So, welcome back everyone on the new site! I hope you like the new system. There were many essential changes on the whole site which I should have implented much earlier.

So, I changed the concept of xshock that shall be more focused on the things I’m doing. The content mainsite has been reduced to the presentation of my wallpapers and twirls. It’s a digital portfolio where all my artworks can be viewed and downloaded. I’ve introduced the ‘twirls’ which can be seen as artistic snapshots. Just take a look.
On the other side I have started this blog which shall be a resource for Photoshop-users and web designers. As I’m working with Photoshop every day I’m always trying to reach as much productivity as possible. That’s why I’m trying to find out good speed-ups and workarounds for common webdesign-operations. I’m going to write down the best optimizations in this blog as soon as possible. There are so many ideas for improvements in my head which I want to let you know.

The resources like the xshock-brushes, cursors and tutorials can now be found on this blog in the right menu. All news and announcements (wallpapers) of the mainsite will be posted here in the future.

Last but not least the design of xshock has been updated! Just check it out! I’ve also started a fresh wallpaper which will be finished next week I think.
Stay tuned.

Article postedPosted in @ 03/27/08