Finally, the big xshock-update has been finished. So, welcome back everyone on the new site! I hope you like the new system. There were many essential changes on the whole site which I should have implented much earlier.

So, I changed the concept of xshock that shall be more focused on the things I’m doing. The content mainsite has been reduced to the presentation of my wallpapers and twirls. It’s a digital portfolio where all my artworks can be viewed and downloaded. I’ve introduced the ‘twirls’ which can be seen as artistic snapshots. Just take a look.
On the other side I have started this blog which shall be a resource for Photoshop-users and web designers. As I’m working with Photoshop every day I’m always trying to reach as much productivity as possible. That’s why I’m trying to find out good speed-ups and workarounds for common webdesign-operations. I’m going to write down the best optimizations in this blog as soon as possible. There are so many ideas for improvements in my head which I want to let you know.

The resources like the xshock-brushes, cursors and tutorials can now be found on this blog in the right menu. All news and announcements (wallpapers) of the mainsite will be posted here in the future.

Last but not least the design of xshock has been updated! Just check it out! I’ve also started a fresh wallpaper which will be finished next week I think.
Stay tuned.

Article postedPosted in @ 03/27/08