Blog-Design updated / Firefox 3 issue


I’ve updated the design of my blog with some CSS-tweaks and a background-image. The Photoshop-work took one week until I was satisfied. Finally, I ended up with lots of details and a red gradient in the background.
In order to achieve a nice effect, I planned to set the CSS-background-attachment to “fixed” so that the background-image would lie “behind”. I’ve tested the page in many browsers (Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 6/7, Opera, Safari) and everything worked fine. But when I viewed the website in Firefox 3 (RC3) I discoverded that the page scrolled extremely slow. I sized the browser-window down and the scrolling-behavior was alright (not perfect but acceptable). After setting the CSS-background-attachment to “scroll”, the scrolling was normal again. So it seems that Firefox 3 lacks performance when a background-image is fixed and the browser-window is maximized.
I crawled the web and finally I found the discussion on mozillaZine. The bug was discovered on other websites and it may be fixed in Firefox 3.0.1.
Until the bug gets fixed, I’ll wait with “background-attachment:scroll”.

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    — Jun 14, 10:18 AM: #1

    Hello, I’m Japanese.
    I always use the wall paper of your site. Please do its best from now on.

    My FireFox is not yet ver3.0, but makes it pleasure.

  2. pienose
    — Jun 15, 04:24 PM: #2

    cool, do you think you could make a wall based on the new bg?

  3. Matthias
    — Jun 16, 02:47 PM: #3

    Yeah, why not. The blog-background was made on a 1600px canvas so I’ll release the wallpaper this week.