Tutorial: Space Background


In my newest tutorial, I’m showing how to create a space background with stars and a nebula. You just have to use some simple tricks to get lots of stars on your screen. There are some other possibilities but I’ll cover the basic one. You’ll see that it’s a great fun to create space backgrounds. Space Background 

Article postedPosted in @ 06/26/08


    — Jun 26, 04:20 PM: #1

    Oh, It’s very cool!
    I remembered to speaking of pinkness, do you know a cherry blossom?
    The cherry blossoms are very clean pinkness.
    Will you make cool wall paper about a cherry tree if you are good?
    Possibly your cool 3D wall paper may match a cherry tree.


  2. Matthias
    — Jun 27, 02:24 PM: #2

    Alright I think I understand what you’re meaning! I’m still working on two wallpapers right now but when I’m finished I may have some time to make a wallpaper in that style.