New idea: random previous articles


I’ve integrated a new element on my blog: the random article-box which is displayed below the first article on the front page. I thought it could be useful for visitors who didn’t read all articles but may have missed a specific article. So the ‘random’-box could contain an interesting article you may have found useful if you had visited my blog on that day. I think the ‘doubled randomness’ (the random article in my random-box and the ‘potential random article in the visitors’ mind’) could lead to a lucky visitor because he’s glad that he doesn’t need to browse through all my previous articles if he’s looking for something interesting. As the article count grows from day to day I found this a useful function. The displayed random articles are only extracted from tutorial/help sections as CSS, Photoshop, Flash and Tools because those articles are kind of ageless. So there will always be an article containing tricks and resources.

Article postedPosted in @ 07/03/08