Photoshop advanced: Scripts


Photoshop CS/CS2/CS3 has many features which allow the user to customize the application in many ways. But there are still some things you can’t do even if they’re needed often. So I bought a book in order to develop some scripts for Photoshop which should advance the application by some useful features. The application-model of Photoshop was built up with the idea of letting users create their own functions with the use of basic scripting languages like JavaScript, VBscript or AppleScript. This is a great advantage which allows the addition of actions and operations that can’t be done with the Actions-feature of Photoshop. You are able to use variables and there’s even a useful tool included in Photoshop which is called “ScriptListener” – this tool simply records your actions and saves them to a compiled script-file.
A programmed script just has to be copied in the “Scripts”-folder of your Photoshop-directory and after that it can be run by using keyboard-shortcuts or using the “File”-menu.
So I’ve developed some helpful scripts which may improve your everday work with Photoshop. Just take a look at the scripts-section where all my scripts can be downloaded for free.
Photoshop Scripts for download

Article postedPosted in @ 05/10/08