Photoshop Quick Tip: Move Tool

The ‘Move Tool’ in Photoshop has some nice advantages you may not know yet. With the Move Tool selected, you are able to do some handy operations that could speed up your current workflow a lot. This also applies to the other tools which enable some nice features when rightclicking with the tools activated. But the Move tool enables the most useful features so I'm showing in a small video how to use those features.

All operations I'm doing are only working when the Move Tool is activated. The first thing I'm doing in the video is holding down the CTRL-key when clicking on a layer — the layer is selected automatically in the layers palette.
Then I'm hitting the DELETE-key which delets the selected layer without showing a dialogue (even layersets with their content). Afterwards, I'm filling the layers with ALT-BACKSPACE.
The next thing I'm doing is selecting the layers with the selection retangle and holding down CTRL.
At last I'm selecting the layers by righclicking and choosing ‘Select similar layers’ from the menu.

As you can see you will able to perform many useful operations with the Move tool selected. The last action I'm doing (selecting layers automatically by holding down the CTRL-key) only works since Photoshop CS3.

Article postedPosted in @ 06/29/08