Photoshop Quick Tip: Connecting Vector Shapes

Sometimes you have created some vector shapes in Photoshop and later you want them to be one connected vector shape in order to change their color or to transform the entire shape. Of course you could just create many vector shapes in one layer so that just have to connect the anchorpoints. But when you're in a hurry (or if you're building up experimental shapes) you'll have more than one shape. So I've created a small screencast that demonstrates how to connect vector shapes that are located on different layers.

The basis are two vector shapes that are located on two different layers. You can combine them by doing the common 'CTRL-C - CTRL-V'-operation. Just select all anchorpoints of your destination shape and paste them into the other layer with the other shape selected.

That's all. Of course, Photoshop isn't a vector tool but shapes can be very useful for creating websites or simple 2D-shapes. So Photoshop has some basic features for editing vector shapes. And there's always the possibility of creating complex vectors in Illustrator and paste them in Photoshop using Smart Objects.

Article postedPosted in @ 06/24/08