Photoshop Quick Tip: Stay at the 100%


When designing websites in Photoshop, you’re mostly working with pixel accurate boxes and distances. A small “feature” in Photoshop that may get annoying is the subpixel calculation when creating/resizing vector shapes in a zoomed state. For example, if you create a vector shape with the retangle tool at 300% zoom, you may get something like this:
Alternating rows in backend
In most of the cases, this calculated subpixel is not wanted because you want a clean, sharp edge. The current workaround is adjusting the anchorpoints with your mouse or your the arrow keys on your keyboard. Both methods aren’t that quick and may get annoying if you have many shapes.
So there’s no real solution for this but a better workaround. It’s very simple if you know about it.
To get a sharp, pixel accurate vector shape, you’ll just have to create/edit it at a 100% view. In this view, Photoshop won’t calculate subpixels so you’ll get a sharp edge on your vector shape. Take a look at the screenshot for a better understanding:
Alternating rows in backend
That’s all. With this trick in mind, you may work faster and more accurate. You just need to check your changes in a zoomed view once again.

Article postedPosted in @ 09/26/08