Photoshop Quick Tip: Duplicate layer with keystrokes


I’ve just figured out a small trick that may help you when dealing with many layers and layer groups. As you know, the layer order is an important thing when creating/editing website layouts because you usually have many different layer kinds like text, graphics, dummy content and so on. Normally, I’m duplicating layers by pressing CTRL-J and then I’m moving the duplicated layer to the right position in the layer window by dragging it to the desired position. These two steps can be combined in one step. Here’s the trick:
Select the desired layer in the layer window and hold down CTRL and ALT. Now, drag the layer to the new destination in the layer window (not the layer in your workspace). Release the mousebutton (and the keys) and the layer will be duplicated and positioned in the right position in your layer window.
Duplicate layer
Another useful trick is the following:
Hold down the CTRL-key when creating a new layer via the “Create new layer”-button in the layer window to create a new layer below the selected layer.
Duplicate layer
This may speed up your work with layers a bit.

Article postedPosted in @ 10/22/08