Photoshop advanced: Scripts


Photoshop CS/CS2/CS3 has many features which allow the user to customize the application in many ways. But there are still some things you can’t do even if they’re needed often. So I bought a book in order to develop some scripts for Photoshop which should advance the application by some useful features. The application-model of Photoshop was built up with the idea of letting users create their own functions with the use of basic scripting languages like JavaScript, VBscript or AppleScript. This is a great advantage which allows the addition of actions and operations that can’t be done with the Actions-feature of Photoshop. You are able to use variables and there’s even a useful tool included in Photoshop which is called “ScriptListener” – this tool simply records your actions and saves them to a compiled script-file.
A programmed script just has to be copied in the “Scripts”-folder of your Photoshop-directory and after that it can be run by using keyboard-shortcuts or using the “File”-menu.
So I’ve developed some helpful scripts which may improve your everday work with Photoshop. Just take a look at the scripts-section where all my scripts can be downloaded for free.
Photoshop Scripts for download

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ImageReady - retaining an old custom


As you know, the webdesign/GIF-animation-tool “ImageReady” which was always a part of Photoshop, has been discontinued. All the features of ImageReady have been included in Photoshop CS3 and so you just have to use one application in order to do special works like slicing or creating GIF-animations.
But actually not everything works like it should. There’s a problem with opening animated GIF-files. If you create an animated GIF in Flash you have a problem if you want to open the GIF-file with Photoshop CS3. An error will occur because Photoshop says that the GIF may contain frames and so the animation will be reduced to the first frame.


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Photoshop Keyboard-SpeedUps


Photoshop CS (and higher) has the feature of assigning custom keyboard-shortcuts to access menu-items from any menu. The standard Photoshop-shortcuts are working well but there are also many shortcuts which aren’t used that often. These shortcuts can be reassigned in order to speed up your Photoshop-workflow.
Another point of assigning shortcuts is that your left hand and right hand shoud have its explicit range when working in Photoshop. So it’s important to keep your left hand on the leftmost side of your keyboard while using the mouse with your right hand. Needing mouse-movements in order to reach a menu-item slows down your work – the mouse-pointer should leave the main workspace-area as seldom as possible. That’s why you should assign shortcuts which are easily accessible by the left hand with two ore more fingers.


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