Graphics / Vector software


Programmers, occasional graphic designers or beginners may want to use free (or open source) graphics software which can do some basic operations. So you could need an application to retouch a photo, to create a vector icon or to design a graphic. There are many free tools out there which have those features and much more. I’ve crawled the web for some nice applications and I found many fresh graphics tools which are quite awesome. The developers of today are very creative and so their software is getting better and more complex. Most of the tools I’ve tested have some innovative features that let you create stunning graphics.




You don’t need expensive high-end 3D-software in order to create three-dimensional objects or scenes. There are tons of free 3D-modeling-tools which are working quite well. Most of them are supported by great communities and so there are good tutorials and documentions for these complex applications. Here is a small list of the best 3D-applications which are available in the web.


Online font-editors


It’s almost unbelievable but there are some very cool online font editors out there which let you save your font as TTF and use it in your favorite graphics software! Those applications are browser-based and let you create your own fonts with ease. You can check out fonts by other people and download them, too. Just take a look at the projects below. fontstuct


Keyboard/Shortcut Tools


Using keyboard-shortcuts can enhance your productivity extremely. If you know your shortcuts you can save lots of unneeded mouse-movements. Maybe you’re a fast mouse-user but you can always get faster so try using shortcuts in combination with your mouse.
As most of the professional applications feature customizable keyboard-shortcuts, Windows XP doesn’t provide this feature. There are many shortcut-tools and scripting languages (like AutoIt) available in the web, so I have picked out some of the best ones which require only few resources and give you some nice settings.


Icon Editors


Here are some of the best free icon-editing tools in the web. I’m using them to create favorite-icons for websites and cursors for windows. The programs support true color-mode (24 bits) and alpha transparency (32 bits). The standard icon-sizes 16, 24, 32, 48 are supported and you can even create a custom icon-size for large icons or transparent PNGs. The ability to create icon-animations (.ani) is also provided. fontstuct