Keyboard/Shortcut Tools


Using keyboard-shortcuts can enhance your productivity extremely. If you know your shortcuts you can save lots of unneeded mouse-movements. Maybe you’re a fast mouse-user but you can always get faster so try using shortcuts in combination with your mouse.
As most of the professional applications feature customizable keyboard-shortcuts, Windows XP doesn’t provide this feature. There are many shortcut-tools and scripting languages (like AutoIt) available in the web, so I have picked out some of the best ones which require only few resources and give you some nice settings.


This tool allows you to create various keyboard shortcuts and automations using almost any key on your keyboard – even the ‘Windows’-key. You can create shortcuts with at least two keys. If you assign a CTRL-key for a shortcut, the program can distinguish between the left and right CTRL-key. There are also conditions, e.g. if the Num-Lock-State is active.
The assigned shortcuts can be used for a single program (exclusions) or as global shortcuts. Clavier+ also provides the feature of writing a text with breaks (time in milliseconds). This can even be used in combination with shortcuts so you could create a keyboard-shortcut which goes like “[Ctrl+C][[notepad.exe]][][Ctrl+V]” – this would copy the selected text, open the editor and paste the text in there. So there are many possibilities with this nice tool.



KeyTweak is not a shortcut-tool but another useful application. It allows you to reassign the keys of your keyboard. There’s at least one key which should be reassigned in any case: the CAPSLOCK-key. I’ve never used this key and it mostly had an annoying effect. So you can use KeyTweak to reassign this key with a better one.


Windows-Key shortcuts

This is no program but a list of the standard Windows-key shortcuts which can be very useful in your Windows-everyday life. The WIN-D-shortcut minimizes all open windows to the taskbar so you have access to your desktop. If you press WIN-SHIFT-M you can bring up back the minimized windows. So there many standard-shortcuts which can help a lot.