xshock tutorial_01 - Clouds

Select the 'brush'-tool from the tool palette.
Change the 'opacity'-setting in the options (the top bar) to about 60%.
Click on the 'brush palette'-button in the options to bring up the brush settings.
Make sure you have selected 'brush shape' in the brush settings-list on the right side.
Choose a softened brush.
In the lower right corner take the settings you're seeing on the screenshot. Leave all default settings and just change the following values.

'Diameter' - 120 px
'Offset' - 80%

Play around with these settings to achieve variations.
Now check the the 'dual brush'- option in the brush settings and click on its name to bring up the settings.
Leave all default settings except the following values.

'Diameter' - 19 px
'Diffusion' - 310%

Modify these settings for a different 'cloud density'.
Alright let's paint some clouds. Choose 'white' as color. In this example I've painted three times to get a good looking cloud. Click and drag the mouse to get the desired size.
If you want to have more density just click some times and don't drag the mouse.
These clouds were painted in Photoshop CS3. In Photoshop CS1 the clouds will look very different because the settings will cause other results on the brush.
That's it!

Play around a lot with the brush settings and the opacity to get different results.

I‘ve added a few cloud layers with different colors and overlays.

Download [.psd]