TextPattern 4.0.7 is out


Make sure to check out the latest release of TextPattern: version 4.0.7. The new version of the best blogging CMS comes with some fresh features like a new tag parser (unlimited nested tags), WYSIWYG preview for all articles, a XML-RPC server (for desktop blogging) and an optional expiry timestamp.
TextPattern is a fast and lightweight content management system that is optimized for blogging but of course you can use it for every purpose. I’m using to run this blog. You should definitely give it a try!

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TextPattern: Alternating rows in backend


As I’m a total fan of alternating row colors that improve usability immensely, I wanted to have these in the TextPattern backend (article listing). The article listing page of TextPattern is built up using table rows (<tr>) which are predestined to be colored with alternating colors. The final HTML-output of a backend page is generated using lots of functions and libraries. But the sourcecode of TextPattern is cleaned up and well structured so it’s just a small change in one PHP-file and the general CSS-file of TextPattern. Alternating rows in backend


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TextPattern: Introducing


As I’m writing on some TextPattern articles, I thought it would be useful if there was an introducing article about TextPattern. So TextPattern (short: “TXP”) is a lightweight and elegant Content Management System (CMS) that I’m using to run this site. It’s free (open source, developed by Dean Allen) and has a strong community that develops plugins, templates and themes for TextPattern.
The CMS is similar to popular blogging systems like WordPress or Movable Type but it has more customization features and an advanced template system. In the end, it’s always a matter of taste but you should definitely check out TextPattern if you’re looking for an easy-to-use but professional high-quality CMS.
Introducing TextPattern


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